The Legend Begins Book



The Legend Begins Book.

This book is GREAT! It was published in 1993, and covers virtually all Harley Davidson production motorcycles produced between 1903 and 1969, including the Harley Hummer, Scat, Pacer, super-10, 125, 165, etc.

Shows photographs, illustrations and the original order blanks for almost every antique model. The order blanks are very usefull, in determining exactly what options were available, for a specific model.
Option details include engine size, paint color,wheel size, chrome, handlebars, etc.
Also includes production numbers for each rare vintage model!

Also covers the following models:

J JD FD JE DL C CH VL CR VLD VD E EL UL WLD WLDR XA WLA WLC K S ST STU B BT AH AU XL XLCH CRS, knucklehead, pan head, 61, 74, big twin, and many more!

Very informative book! No motorcycle library is complete, without this book!