Operation, Maintenance,Parts Listings and Specifications Book


Operations/Maintence Book

What a Book!

Compiled from original factory manual content and other archived sources, Harley-Davidson Antique Literature provides early model motorcycle information that is helpful for restoration interests.

Includes the following "Hummer" related information:

1. A list of standard colors for the 1950-1957 Harley 125 and 165 models.

2. 1948-1952 Riders Handbook.

3. 1959 Model 165 Riders Handbook.

4. 1948 - 1957 Spare parts catalog.

5. Accessories for the Harley Davidson lightweight singles.

Also includes reprints of original Owner's Manuals and parts catalogs for big twin flathead, Panhead, K model, Sportster and Servi-Car models  produced from 1950-1957.

Excellent reading material!