• * USED TIRE - Firestone Deluxe Champion or Goodyear Super Eagle


    Used tires.

    For static purpose only.

    Your choice of used Firestone Deluxe Champion or Goodyear Super Eagle

    Your choice of 3.50"  x 18" or  3.25" / 3.50" x 19".

    I will attempt to sell the tires with the most remaining tread first, so early sales, get the better tire.

    Currently, the remaining tire tread depth averages  7/32" 

    I will adjust the remaining tire depth measurement, as time goes on, and the better tires have sold.

    These are original 2 ply tires, both Firestone and Goodyear,

    Harley was know to use either brand of tire over the years, according to availability.

    These are 60 to 75 year old, USED TIRES!

    They are not to be driven on.

    They are used, old tires that have hardened, have checking in the sidewalls, minor blemishes, etc.

    They are actual , used, Harley Hummer tires! 

    Modern tires just don't have the same look!